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all condomi condoms are free of animal derivatives and meet or surpass all global and domestic quality accreditations

all condomi conform to BSI kite quality standards all condomi conform to european ce quality standards

order condomi online

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we accept mastercard, visa, electron, delta, switch, and solo cards

on most pages you will then find buttons that look as follows:

click the button that corresponds to the product and quantity that you require to add it to your "basket".  each time you add an item you will be shown a list of what you have added to your basket so far.  If you would like to continue shopping simply click the "continue shopping" button and you will be retuned to the product page of the last item you added to your basket.  If at any time, you have forgot which items you have so far ordered, simply click on a "basket" link which can be found along the top of each page.

if you want to de-select an item from your basket then simply set its quantity to zero and either press the return key, or click the "recalculate" button.  when you have selected all your products, you can then click the "go to payments" button and proceed to the next stage.

you will then be asked to fill in your purchase and delivery details.  please note that your purchase name and address must match those held by your bank.  payment will be declined and your order delayed if these do not match those of the registered card holder.  these are the the name and address on your card statement.  once you have entered these click continue, please then check all details are correct before clicking continue again.

you will then be transferred to a secure server where you will be asked to fill in your payment details. if your given e-mail address is correct, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your order, which contains an order number to quote in the unlikely event of a problem.  you may also wish to make a note of your order number on completion of the order.

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